"Gala Bazaar" restaurant is one of the places which occupies the biggest part of the rest complex, involves the most personnel and loved by the city residents for its view and the diversity and quality of its foods. The traditional national and eastern cuisine makes up the basis of the menu for its colorfulness and beauty. The restaurant is consisted of eight 3 room sections, 1 banquet hall of 150 seats and summer hall of 1000 seats, stand-up party, tea house, bar and beer pub. Each of the sections built here is differed from one another architecturally. The mixed use of ravine stone, sea stone and pebble in the construction of the sections and banquet hall, provides the construction with special harmony. The traditions of Eastern architecture stand on the basis of interior: ravine, sea stone and pebble, wooden ceiling, ancient home things and naturalness gives special originality to the rooms. Along with that the decoration of each of the rooms with antique things, creates pleasant mood in the people who visit to rest there. There exist very interesting corners for the people to have a walk in the yard of the restaurant. The children’s rest is not forgotten here as well. The swans, different types of parrots, goats and horse riding are the most favorite places of the children. The national and eastern cuisine mostly dominates in Gala Bazaar restaurant. You may order and taste all beautiful meals of Azerbaijani cuisine by visiting this restaurant. That is, different types of hot meals, kebabs, salads, sweets and finally tea table will support your pleasant moments you spend here.